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My journey: from Boxing to PNL practitioner

Who I am?

Tambwe Djeko better known under the name of "The General Big Joe" was born on July 30, 1989, in Brussels (Belgium) of Congolese and Cuban parents. After a few years in the martial arts, he chose to turn to the boxing where he had proven himself and turned professional in 2011. This fighter always prefers the attack.

He quickly becomes a symbol for many people who respect his background and others who identify with him, to whom he gives hope. They see him as a source of inspiration because Big Joe represents the one who came from down but who despite the difficulties to succeed in reaching the Top 50 heavyweight boxers in the world rankings.

My achievements:

2014: IBA Intercontinental Champion

2018: IBO Continental Champion

2019: IBO Intercontinental Champion

A boxer in quarantine:

We all know that 2020 was a horrific year. Many people lost their jobs as businesses shut down while others try to innovate to survive.

2020 was a milestone in my boxing career as I decided to move to the heavyweight game. For that, my team and I had already planned this year which was supposed to be full of big fights. I was supposed to go start with a training camp to prepare my new journey as a heavyweight boxer to get confident, then face Carlos Takam in the short term and Joseph Parker in the long term. But like everyone, we have not been spared by the COVID19 as all boxing events have been cancelled without notice. Our schedule fell apart and forced us to change the whole game plan.

End of 2020 we have been contacted by the US boxing promotion TOP RANK who propose us to take place in a big fight for the New Year. Only a few big promoters could keep settled boxing shows even if they had not income., so we accept it.

We took that big challenge to start 2021 well.

In this way, I'm gonna face the giant Tony Yoka on the 5th March 2021 - the last gold medal from Olympic Game in the heavyweight division.

PNL - A new passion:

Everyone knows that The General Big Joe never had another passion than boxing and yet it was true until the first lockdown.

It’s called N.L.P. I discovered it while the lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic.

I've always made my people proud of what I did and I keep doing until now. Even out of my circle my name reached out and as we say in NLP my name made a resonance out there (haha). Many people contact me on social media all the time to tell me how they are proud of what I achieved and who I became.

They had nothing good over there, street, people struggling every day to bring food on their table, people trying to bring money in the wrong way. Often, we didn't have enough food in the middle of the month.

Knowing my background, people see how someone who had nothing can become a successful athlete and an entrepreneur. It brings them to hope, they realize that they can also become who they want to be. Impossible doesn’t exist. Born poor and die poor is not a fatality. That’s why I love NLP, it pointed out how the mind is powerful. A human being can create his heaven or hell, it's just about their willingness and it is what I believe in.

If every morning you wake up with a negative mindset and you believe neither in yourself nor in your capacities and you choose to lie down, maaaaan don't hope to have something good come out there cause you are pushing away your opportunity only by the strength of your limiting data. Successful people always have a positive mind and a positive attitude. They take inspiration from other mentors, they have the will and most important they have a plan. People used to focus on accomplished self-made entrepreneurs but they don’t pay attention to their journey. Some of them had nothing to start, they had sometimes nowhere to sleep, but do you know what made them what they are?

They stuck on their beliefs and they all had a plan, now look at them! Remember that at the beginning a lot of them was just like you, struggling with anxiety and stress to not make it happen, but they programmed their minds to believe in what they want to achieve. That’s it! There is no luck, no magic.

So what is NLP?

NLP means neuronal linguistics programming, it’s based on the fact of we can reboot a brain to insert the right data inside.

A word without any good data settled in mind or a plan will only remain a simple word without any power.

The difference between psychology and NLP is that psychology seeks the origin of the problem - where does it come from - and try to remove it, when NLP seeks the origin of the issue, remove it and set you the behaviour to make you reach your goal.

I am an athlete, a role model but I want to do more, I want to help people shine. So, I think you did understand that my real ambition it's not to be champion of the world. It will be good to become one, but if it helps no one else than me and my pocket (lol) I will rather be the champion of the people by really helping them to find their purpose, success and happiness.

I believe in a world where someone successful helps others to move up with him.

How do I use NLP in my professional boxing career?

  • Focus Anchor :

I have made an anchor keep my focus when I'll need it cause I am overactive, so sometimes it's hard to keep focusing on the same thing for a long time.

  • Split method strategy

It makes fear and anxiety go away. For me, it's mostly the anxiety to not do all I'm supposed to do to reach my objectives. People often see the end of the goals and see how big the challenge is if you see just that you'll always see it as unreachable. But when you take a deep breath and you do a step back, just to see the situation more clear, now you got a view on that task a bit more detached and as a spectator of yourself into this problem. You use another technique called Chunking down.

All successful men or women had a plan that they follow till the end. That method makes your task easier. It's created to build from the global goal, to cut every part of that task in a lot of parts that will become a lot of small objectives to reach so that you don't feel the heavy weight of your big goal as it is cut in small parts. When all those small tasks are completed, it means that you have achieved your goal. This split method will make your life easier by ensuring you to reach objectives by staying on the right path.

The General Big Joe

Your NLP practitioner,


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