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Tambwe Djeko

The story of a boxing champion...

Tambwe Djeko, better known under "The General Big Joe", was born on July 30, 1989, in Brussels (Belgium) of Congolese and Cuban parents. After a few years in the martial arts, he chose to turn to boxing, where he had proven himself and turned professional in 2011. This fighter always prefers the attack.
He quickly becomes a symbol for many people who respect his background and others who identify with him, to whom he gives hope. They see him as a source of inspiration because Big Joe represents the one who came from down but who succeeded in reaching the Top 50 heavyweight boxers in the world rankings despite the difficulties.

Who always gives back to the community ...

Big Joe always loved helping others, and to be an inspiration to him through his fights was not enough anymore. He needed to be able to give real support to all these people, so he decided with the help of his manager to create the boxing promotion ONLY O1NE MANAGEMENT LTD to launch the careers of other young people who want to realize their dreams.

Always looking to support others, Big Joe has on several occasions helped people by sharing his personal and professional experience in schools, youth centres, and sports clubs supervising young people as well as after parents who have found it difficult to guide their children.
One thing led to another; Big Joe turned to psychotherapy so that he could refocus people asking him for help towards their goals without ever rushing their internal ecologies or by interpreting their experiences.

And becomes an NLP practitioner.

By dint of research, Big Joe discovered neuro-linguistic programming, known as NLP, and it was a revelation. The discovery of a new passion has already allowed him to coach many people in their personal or professional lives (all sectors combined) with great success.
Thus was born BJ All 4 U, a platform created by the champion Big Joe to support you through mental and physical coaching to reach your goal. Unique support of its kind and a guarantee of quality to allow you to reveal yourself or excel.

BJ All4U, always there for you.

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