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How Boxers, Fitness Lovers and Entrepreneurs Can Get The Secret Keys To Achieve Almost Any Challenges In As Little As 2 Weeks Alongside The Best To Make You The Next Success Story
and Enjoy Holidays In The Exotic And Legendary City Of Kinshasa, Zaire

(1974: The Rumble in the Jungle - Muhammad Ali vs Georges Forman)

Be a part of the most complete training camp to boost your confidence, manage stress, and build your determination solid as iron-clad.

In the
mythic city of DR Congo, Muhammad Ali and Georges Foreman left a legacy with others well-known as Nsumbu Kalambay, Valery Kayumba, and the current WBC world champion in cruiserweight Ilunga Makiabu.

How can you do when you have thousands of people dreaming of the same goal as you?

One way, you
OUTWORK them. 
This is what we are about to help you in the SUCCESS ARMY.


How Can We Help You?

SUCCESS ARMY boot camp is for boxers of all levels, fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to achieve their goals and push their physical and mental limits alongside highly recognized professionals to unlock potential and create a  successful routine.

Boxers all levels / Fitness lovers


Be mentored by the elite to be built like the best

Build a character ready for anything

Acquire the necessary knowledge

Implement winning strategies and stick to them

Ability to handle pressure and reach challenges

Discover your talents and flaws to turn your weaknesses into strengths

You will have understood that the two categories are 99% identical. They face difficulties, intense competition, struggle and want to be the greatest. It won't longer be a problem after your camp.

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About The Founder Tambwe Djeko
Boxing Champion, Boxing Promoter & NLP Practioner

Professional boxer, I have achieved high self-confidence throughout my career, pushed my limits, and managed stress and pressure to achieve my goals. I will guide you and give you the keys to succeed in your life.

2021 - EU Championship (Tony Yoka)
2020 -
NLP Practitioner Degree
2019 - IBO Intercontinental Winner
2018 - IBO Continental Winner
2016 - IBF Intercontinental
2015 - Training Camp USA
2014 - IBA Intercontinental
(Promoting Contract with Don King) 
2013 - Bigger's Better

What Should You Expect From This Program?

We'll build your mind and body to reach your goal while teaching you how to start creating a successful routine and loving the process through the program we tailored for you. There are
4 core pillars to our successful training camp.


Skills Theory

Skills Practice 


Body reconnection
"Vo2 max" increase
Muscular flexibility
Directed Recovery

Understand the reason for each movement executed and when to execute it to give this movement 100% efficiency

Boxing ring & geometry

Back in the Basic footwork/striking
All different defences boxing work
All different assault boxing work
Close/mid/long combat distance management
Management of the 3 combat phases

Synapse and their roles

Internal communication

Internal/external filters

Interference emotions

BJ Business map 

What does the SUCCESS WARRIOR camp include?


Where: Kinshasa, DR Congo

When: June 2022


Airport transfer



Fitness gym pass and training

Boxing gym and outdoor training

Mindset sessions

Transport in-between activities

Sight seeing and activities (beach, river, quad...)

Not included

Return flight to Kinshasa, DRC

Want to live a memorable experience with a Boxentrepreneur?

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