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Coaching LEVEL-UP

Learn the methods to make your wildest dreams come true

Release your abilities and impact the world !

Rediscover yourself  and push your limits to achieve success


Anyone can decide to make a success of their life thanks to NLP !


You just need to have the right methods and choose THE right strategy!


You are TIRED of ...

Let yourself be overcome by your emotions.
To be often in a situation of discomfort.

Doubt your actions and choices.
Not being in control of your abilities.
Not to live up to your expectations.
Always be stuck at the same level.

Live aimlessly, without passion.

Not to wake up smiling in the morning

and you want FINALLY ...

Be in control of yourself.
Reduce pressure situations and control your emotions.
Finally be sure of yourself when you make a decision.
Know what you are able to accomplish.
Unlock your capacities and achieve excellence.

Take your life to the next level.

Find a purpose in life.

Do not waste another day without working to achieve your goals.

Dare to invest in yourself is a major asset to your achievement !

Boxing Champion, Boxing Promotion CEO & NLP Practioner

Professional boxer I have throughout my career been able to achieve a high level of self-confidence, push my limits, manage stress and pressure to achieve my goals. I will guide you and give you the keys so that you can succeed in your life.

The main objectives of the training

Allow you to have self-confidence to be successful
Give you a concrete action plan to achieve your goals
Enrich, deepen and broaden your skills
Understand the source of your uncertainties and blockages
Decode successful behaviors to excel in your purpose
Carry out a personalized assessment of your situation in order to put all the chances on your side to make your project a reality

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